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Fencing Alliance

  • Our season just started in August and we are thrilled to share our athletes outstanding performance so far!

  • Congratulations Yasmine Khamis on becoming the 2 time Pan American Champion, after your Gold Medal in San Juan last month! You represented your country well!
  • Congratulations to all of our 7 Medalists at the North Texas Roundup Super Youth, National Event in Irving Texas over Labor Day Weekend! 

​They are:

Gold Medalists-  Yasmine Khamis- Y10 Womens Epee

Silver Medalist- Yasmine Khamis Y12 Womens Epee

Bronze Medalist- Shaker Jayendra Y12 Mens Epee Abe Fanning- Cadet Mens Epee Daniella Canales- Cadet Womens Epee

Top 8 Medals- Yasmine Khamis Y14 Womens Epee Kent Iyoki Y12 Mens Epee

  • Congratulations to our medalists that the Austin Regional Junior and Cadet Circuit in September!

​They are:

Gold Medalist-Abe Fanning- Division 2 Mens Epee 

Silver Medalist- Daniella Canales- Div1A Womens Epee and earning her B2016! Abe Fanning Cadet Mens Epee

Top 8 Medal- Daniella Canales- Cadet Womens Epee

  • Congratulations to all of our Dallas Regional Junior/Cadet and Veterans medalists 

Gold Medalist- Michele Hampton-Khamis- Vetrans Womens Epee

Bronze Medal- Terrance Aina- Cadet Mens Epee Daniella Canales- Cadet Womens Epee

Top 8 Medals- Shaker Jayendra and Abe Fanning- Cadet Mens Epee, Yasmine Khamis - Cadet Womens Epee, Terrance Aina and Abe Fanning- Jr Mens Epee, Daniella Canales- Jr Womens Epee

Stayed tuned for more updates as the season unfolds!