Fencing Alliance

Is fencing dangerous?
Not at all! In fact, it is one of the safest sports out there. Fencers wear many layers of padding and protective gear. Since it is not a contact sport, fencing is much safer than traditional sports, such as football.

How old do you have to be to fence? Is there an upper/lower age limit?
At NTFA, we require our fencers to be at least 6 years old for safety reasons. There is no upper age limit.

Do you need any prior knowledge of fencing to take a class?
No! That’s what we’re here for. We will teach you anything and everything you need to know about fencing.

Do you hold any camps?
We do hold seasonal camps. For more information, please call 817-946-1720.

Do I need to purchase my own equipment?
If you are taking the beginner or intermediate classes, we will provide you with equipment. Once you purchase a club membership, we strongly recommend that you purchase your own set of equipment. If you prefer not to, however, we will be happy to rent you out equipment for $25/month.

How much do private lessons cost? How do I schedule them?
Each private lesson is $35 per 20 minute lesson and can be paid by check or cash. Lessons can be scheduled through Margaret Nemeth at the club. Recreational and musketeer members may only schedule 4 lessons a month (1 per week) with the exception of their first 10 lessons, which can be scheduled as close to each other as desired. Competitive members may schedule as many lessons as they wish.

Will fencing help me get into college?
Yes, it will, provided that you put in significant time and effort into the sport. Being a nontraditional sport, fencing looks great on college applications.


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